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Oh it`s so wonderful to meet someone new, to go on a first date! Who knows, this first encounter could turn into a lasting relationship, a new best friend or a night to never forget! Your Online Dating Safety really matters greatly to us at

Ready to begin?

Some suggestions that may make for a great and safer online dating experience:

  • Set up an email account to be used exclusively for your dating emails. Using the username you chose as the same username on the account might be helpful. We recommend Goggle`s Free Gmail.
  • Chat on the phone first before meeting.
  • Ask other members for a recent photo, or if the photo they have posted is a recent one.
  • Only give out your personal informations to those you feel confident you can trust.
  • Don`t let yourself be pressured into meeting, go at your own pace. Only meet in person once you feel comfortable enough (for some it takes an hour, for others it takes weeks or months).
  • Do not post photos of your children online.

See what Safer Online Dating Alliance suggests.

More and more people take their online relationships to offline`s 'Real Life'!

Many of the people who join Dating Websites aiming to bring people together and to form relationships, are people just like you: real people who do not want to be limited to local contacts alone. It can be a very rewarding experience making virtual connections with people you would otherwise never have met. You never know who you might meet; the love of your life; your true best friend; someone who can enhance your life in some great way.

Always use caution in your approach, be as alert online as you would be in person. Please do not share your personal information in chat rooms or in emails. Exercise good judgement while having fun and getting connected. There are plenty of beautiful people to get to know.

Here are some ideas that might make your date a success

  • Use your usual common sense and trust your instincts, ask questions, smile and be a good listener.
  • At first, meeting in a public place, telling a friend where you went, with whom and when you plan to be back, bringing a cell phone or change for the public phone might be good ideas.
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to let that person where you live. If not, take separate cars, a taxi or get a friend drive you.
  • Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car, specially if you plan to meet in an area outside your comfort zone.
  • Set yourself a time limit such as: 'Im free for an hour', then stay longer if the date goes well!
  • Be Prepared! Several online health sites have great Birth Control Guides.
  • Discuss safer sex while your clothes are still on. Here`s another great safer sex reference.
  • If you think you are in danger, or if violence was done to you, call your local emergency number.

Unfortunately some people lie and find it easy to hide themselves online.
If, sadly, you come across a liar, a con artist, excuse yourself as soon as you can and leave.
There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and you deserve the right one!
If in doubts about someone, run a background check. Some companies online offer this service.
If the person you meet seems underage, leave, then report the incident to us at: Abuse[at]lovestriken[dot]com

Good Luck! Be Safe and have a fabulous time!
We Wish You Many More Dates!

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